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A jacket made of polyester nylon cloth that emits moisture, lightness, and a unique texture. It is an item that shines with details and specifications that conform to MIDA's original military specs.

Although the silhouette is close to the real M65 Milspé, the pattern is made to have a slightly relaxed fit instead of the original unique inverted triangle silhouette.

The hems around the neck, front, and pockets are sewn in a way that wraps the octopus thread, creating a thick look and a large amount of puckering.

Polyester nylon cloth is said to be more difficult to dye than cotton cloth. We use a dyeing method called "carrier dyeing" that uses heat to loosen the density of the tissue and dye it with a special chemical to achieve a deep color.

The accessories are not cut short, and the zipper uses YKK's "OLD AMERIACN", which is a sampling source of the American vintage used in the 1940s and 1950s. It features a rough impression and a gorgeous color, and has a feeling of use that is comparable to the real M65.

The pull tape wrapped around the zipper is made of cotton instead of polyester. It features a texture that fits comfortably in your hand.

From items that give off a noble impression, it is a highly versatile item that can be easily matched with a casual style as well as a top layer for a dress style.

S. M. L.
Length 71cm 73cm 75cm
shoulder width 56cm 58cm 60cm
bust 124cm 130cm 136cm
Sleeve Length 55cm 56.5cm 58cm